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Aspo Stress

Aspo Stress

  • Each 1kg contains:

Acetyl Salicylate      100g

Paracetamol         50g
Vitamin C        300g

Sodium Chloride     100g
Potassium Chloride     100g

Sodium Bicarbonate           200g


  • Indications:


- Maintains the vitality of the bacterial and viral emergency picture, which helps to improve the coefficient of Conversion and increased egg production.

- Increases the rate of hatching and fertilization during the heat

- Helps the bird give the best productivity during burns

- Reduces death associated with viral and bacterial diseases


  • Dose:


- In severe viral infections and high temperatures and temp is over 42, use  1gm / liter

- Under mild stress conditions and the temperature is less than 40, use  0.5gm / liter

- If used with antibiotics, use 0.5 gm / liter

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