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Crest Gen

Crest Gen

  • Each 1L contains:


Vitamin A (Palette)    4,250,000 IU

Vitamin D3     844,000 IU

Vitamin E    1000 mg

vitamin C       1000 mg

Vitamin B1      254 mg

Vitamin B2       258 mg

Vitamin B12     200 mg
choline chloride      1159.10 ml
Methionine    1000 mg
Biotin    200 mg               
Anasin      202 mg
Folic acid      200 mg
Pantothenic acid      206 mg
Zinc Sulphate    2500 mg
Copper sulfate       1000  mg
ferrous sulfate         2000 mg
Propylene Glycol     20 g
Selenium       504 mg
Calcium chloride      25 mg

​​Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast           250ml

Mannan Oligosaccharide        10 gm

Pinaglucan       2.5 gm


  • Indications 

-  Inhibit viral DNA polymerase by attaching to the pyrophosphate binding site.


- Protease inhibitor that prevents translation of viral mRNA into viral structure protein.


- Block of Neuclic acid synthesis that prevent viral DNA synthesis.


 - Prevents penetration of viral by Sglobuline.


 - Increases the production of IgG and modulate IgE response synthesizing the immune system against different antigens.


 -Non-specific immuno-activator by reinforcing the humoral & cellular inmumo responses.


- Increase the strength of phagocytic capacity of phagocytes (W.B.C.S).


 -Immuno-activator effect in all Immuno-suppressed flocks such as IBD, infectious anaemia, viral infections and mycotoxicosis.


- Increase the synthesis of glutathione peroxidase enzyme that maintains normal cell structure. 


- Increase levels of the sytokines IL-2, IFN, plasma level of IgG. 


  • DOSE: 

 - All viral Diseases: 0.5 ml/ liter of drinking water for 8 hours 3-5 days.

 - Aivian Influenza : 0.5 ml/ liter of drinking water for 8 hours 3-6 days.

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