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Egg Fort Plus

Egg Fort Plus

  • Each 1kg contains:

Calcium lactate        300g
Calcium Phosphate        300g
Calcium carbonate     300g
Vitamin D3      5,000,000 IU
Vitamin K3       2000mg


  • Indications:


- Egg-Fort-Plus improves the firmness of the cortex and treats rickets and lameness.


- Egg Fort Plus is used in cases of weakness and deformities of the cortex in mothers.

- Egg Fort Plus is used in the treatment of bone deformities and as a source of vitamin D3-K3.

- Egg Fort Plus is used to improve the efficiency of the immune system and improve the quality of the egg.

- Egg Fort Plus works to stabilize the peak of egg production for long periods and prevents the rapid decline of egg production.

- Egg Fort Plus helps reduce uterine inversions.


- Egg Fort Plus helps in the rapid formation of feathers in poultry.

- Egg Fort Plus increases the coloration of egg yolks naturally.



  • Dose:

- 500gm / ton of fodder

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