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First Oil

First Oil

  • Each 1L contains:

Bromohexine hydrochloride     10g

Peppermint oil    25ml

Eucalyptus oil     25ml

Camphor oil        30 ml 

Methyl salcylate oil      40ml

Propylene glycol      10ml


  • Indications:

-Has mucolytic expectorant effect                              


-Increase bronchial secretion with low viscosity 


-Used in case of respiratory infections as(IB –lLT –Al –-Mycoplasmosis –cholera – coryza –Aspergillus –Newcastel)


-Prevents respiratory affection specially after vaccination 


-Provides  rapid relief of sneezing –difficult breathing (symptomatic treatment) result from respiratory infections 


-Has Anti-bacterial.- Antifungal action 


- Anti inflammatory- analgesic effect


- Anti-stress factor



  • Dose:

- 1-2ml/10liter drinking water for 3-5 days. 

- 1-2liter/100liter spraying twice aweek .

- Dissolved in cold and  normal water temperature.



  • Packing: 

- 250 ml

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