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Free Jit

Free Jit

  • Each 1L contains:

Diclazuril            10g
Amprol              100g
Vitamin set      100g
Natural herbal extract


  • Indications:

- It acts as an antidote to different phases of coccidiosis, which differs according to its type, such as the phase of coccidiosis


- Reduces the damage caused by coccidiosis and improves performance and health of the animal. 


- Used to eliminate coccidiosis in poultry, turkeys, rabbits and lambs.



  • Dose:

- For poultry: 1 ml / 4 liters of drinking water for 48 hours (2.5 ppm Diclazuril).

- In severe cases: 1 ml / 2 liters of drinking water for 48 hours. (5 ppm Diclazuril).

- Lambs: 1ml/10kg orally for 3-5 days (1mg/kg body weight).



  • Packing:

- 500 ml

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