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Lavi Organium 3000

Lavi Organium 3000

  • Each 1kg contains:

Organic Selenium     300 mg
Vitamin B1      1.25gm

Niacin        30.31g
Vitamin B2         6.25g

Folic Acid         1.05g
Vitamin B6        1.842 g

Biotin        2.50 g
Vitamin B12     1g

Pantothenic Acid      11.34g


  • Indications                       


- Birds and animals benefit from Lavi Organium 3000 (organic selenium) more than birds and animals benefit from inorganic selenium at least 50%.


- Lavi Organium 3000 is stored in body proteins such as muscle cells and eggs, while inorganic selenium is not stored in body proteins.

- Lavi Organium 3000 plays an important role in destroying peroxides before they destroy body cells.


- Lavi Organium 3000 destroys the free radicals before they bind to the cell wall and destroy it.


- Lavi Organium 3000 helps in building the immune system and increasing the production of antibodies


- Lavi Organium 3000 is important for the functioning of the pancreas as it maintains the elasticity of the tissues.


- When organic selenium was added to broiler diets, there was a noticeable increase in weight, improvement of the conversion factor and an increase in the percentage of purification.


- It leads to an increase in egg production, an improvement in egg weight, an improvement in the conversion factor, and an improvement in the egg shell ratio.


- When the mothers' diets were added, the quantity of chicks per hen increased and the quality of chicks improved.


- Add to:  Fattening cows, fattening poultry, eggs, fattening mothers, calves, cats, dairy cattle, dogs, horses, rabbits, turkeys.



  • Dose: 

- Add to poultry diets 1 kg / ton .


  • Packing: 

- 25 Kg

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