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Lavi Scour Guard

Lavi Scour Guard

  • Each 1kg contains:


Potassium chloride     130 g
Sodium bicarbonate      168g
Potassium Phosphate     135g
Sodium chloride      117 g
Dextrose      450g


  • Indiacations


-Lavi Scour Guard is used to treat dehydration and loss of energy associated with diarrhea in young calves and foals.


- Lavi Scour Guard as a complementary treatment following the injection of the treated solutions in cases of severe diarrhea.

- Lavi-Scour Guard is used when the first signs of diarrhea appear on young calves or foals.


- Use Lavi Scour Guard in cases of stress and other stress situations in poultry and animals.



  • Dose:


Calves and Foals:


-Dissolve the contents of the package (100 grams) in 2 liters.
-Oral warm water twice daily for two days.


Add at a rate of 1 gram/liter of drinking water.

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