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Lavi Shell D

Lavi Shell D

  • Each 1L contains:

Vitamin D3       20,000,000 IU
Manganese sulfate     24,000 mg
Zinc sulfate      20,000 mg
Ferrous sulfate     12,000 mg
Copper sulfate      9,848 mg
Magnesium sulfate     20.28 g
Cobalt sulfate      40 mg
Calcium chloride     218 g
Sodium chloride    12.48 g

Phosphoric acid     24.72 g


  • Indications:


- A special balanced formula of mineral salts and trace elements in high concentrations of phosphoric acid solution necessary for the formation of enzymes for metabolic processes and the balance of calcium and phosphorous levels in the body


-Treatment of rickets in chicks and osteomalacia in adult birds

-Increase the hardness of the eggshell

-Treatment of pathological conditions affecting the bones and joints in sheep and cattle to improve the rate of milk production in milking cattle



  • Dose:


1 ml / 4 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days, or as directed by your vet.

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