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Lavi Tonic

Lavi Tonic

  • Each 1L contains

Ammonium chloride    250 g

Sodium chloride    20 g

Vitamin C    100 g 

Potassium Citrate    50 g
Citric Acid     30 g

Rosemary Extract    30g

Hexamine    130mg

Hydroxymethionine Analog    113.6g



  • Indications:

-It is used as a diuretic in cases of acute and chronic kidney disorders.


-Anti-stress and in cases of high temperatures and various stress factors.


-It is used in cases of fatty liver, inactivity of liver function and low energy as a result of poor digestion of fatty substances.


-Diuretic to stimulate the digestive system.



  • Dose:         

- 1ml / Liter of drinking water


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