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NH Selenium

NH Selenium

  • Each 1L contains:

Vitamin E 50000mg
Selenium 400 mg
Propylene glycol 50 mg


  • Uses:   

- Improves the immunity and vitality of the bird during bacterial and viral diseases.

- Increases the rate of egg production.

- Improves the fertility of the herd and increases the rate of hatching.

- Prevents fatal developments in muscle tissue (muscular dystrophy).

- Important for the vitality of blood vessels to prevent edematous effusion disease.

- Important for the the central nervous system to prevent cerebrovascular disease.

- Prevention of hock hypertrophy.

- Important and necessary for vitamin E absorption.

- Prevents fatal developments in liver tissue.

- It has an important and effective role in protecting tissues from oxidative changes.

- Provides the body's immune response to its effectiveness in the development of immune organs.


  • Dose:   

 2 Milliliters per liter of drinking water. Or as directed by your veterinarian.



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