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Ocracide Plus

Ocracide Plus

  • Each 1 liter contains:

-Mannan Oligosaccharides    2.25g

-Beta-glucan    3.75g
-Propionic Acid    50ml

-Potassium Citrate    10g
-Citric acid    20 g

-Sodium citrate   10g
-Formic acid   40ml

-Tartaric acid   5g
-Malic Acid    4g

-DiSodium EDTA   7.5g
-Sodium and potassium tartrate   10 g


  • Indications:

- It reduces the role of fungal toxins of High Polarity, and Low Polarity. This leads to lower mortality rates and severity of symptoms.


- It plays an important role in resisting Intestinal microbes such as salmonella, e-coli and cholestridia.


- It works to eliminate fungi and as an antiseptic for the gastrointestinal tract.


- It activates the various organs of the body whose functions are disrupted by the influence of Mycotoxins such as: activating the cellular immune system, activating the liver and kidneys, and activating absorption Easy to dissolve in water and does not interfere with any other medicines.


  • Dose: 

- Add 0.5-1ml / liter of drinking water


  • Packing:

- 1 Liter


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