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Vega Fort

Vega Fort

  • Each 1L cointains:

Vitamin E          50 g 

Sodium selenite     50 mg

Biotin        50 mg 

Folic acid       500 mg 

Propylene glycol     50 g


  • Indications:


- A powerful immunostimulant that increases the ability of the immune system to perform all its vital functions


- Increasing the number of memory cells and thus increases the ability of various immunizations to perform their full function


- Improving male sexual performance and increasing fertility


- Increased feed conversion efficiency and weight gain


- Increasing the rate of hatching and fertilization



  • Dose:

Poultry:   0.5 ml / liter.


Rabbits:  0.5-1 cm/liter of drinking water.


Calves and large animals:  1- 3 cm/10 kg of animal weight, or as directed by your vet.

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