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Vega Fort Extra

Vega Fort Extra

  • Description:

A balanced combination of broccoli seed extract, ginseng and cod liver oil, wheat germ oil, biotin, niacin, B-complex group, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin A, D3E, selenium, trace salts, methionine, folic acid, and choline chloride.


  • Indications:

- Non-specific Immuno-activator by reinforcing the humoral & cellular immuno responses.


- Increases the strength of phagocytic capacity of phagocytes ( W.B.C.'S).


- Immuno-activator effect in all Immuno-suppressed flocks such as IBD,REO'infectious anaemia, viral infections and mycotoxicosis.


- Increases the synthesis of glutathione peroxidase enzyme that maintainsnormal cell structure.


- Increase levels of the sytokines IL-2, IFN , plasma level of lgG.


- Increases vaccination response.


- Recommended in critical periods of poultry's production life when theyare under stress conditions and more susceptible to infectious diseases.


- Plays a major role in the development of bursa ,spleen and thymus.


- Enhance the biosynthesis of yellow color of egg yolk (3 folds).


- Safe and effective alternative to reduce the overall use of antibiotics.


- Improve water and feed intake/palatability.


- Supportive treatment in bacteria infections.



  • Dose:

- 1-2 ml/liter of drinking water

- Medicated water should be prepared immediately before use


  • Packing:

- Shake well before use 

- Store in a dry place    

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